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Olmec Ancient Civilization&nbspResearch Paper

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Indigenous peoples of the Americas

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The Swords of Shule. The Olmec civilization has long been considered to be the Jaredite civilization. New evidence is presented here that provides a reliable correlation of chronology between Mesoamerican archaeology and the Jaredite timeline.

The Olmec culture first emerged in the Isthmus region of Tehuantepec. The site of San Lorenzo, which sits on the Coatzacoalcos River, sheds the most light on this mysterious culture.

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The Olmec culture has been the focus of intense discussion and archeological exploration in recent years. It is considered to be one of the most interesting and also one of the mysterious ancient civilizations. The Olmec civilization is considered to be the first known ordered civilization to arise in Mesoamerica.

Th e purpose of this publication is to present previously unrecognized aspects of pre-Columbian art and iconography that shines a new light on a central riddle of New World history: how it was possible in for a small band of Spanish conquistadors under the command of Hernán Cortés to conquer the vast and powerful Aztec empire.

Olmec research paper
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