Nanotechnology research paper

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Nanotechnology Research Paper

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This white paper provides a “primer” to public and environmental health laboratorians and professionals interested in nanotechnology. To summarize the entire field in one paper is 10 EmTech Research.

Nanotechnology Industry Category Overview. Ann Arbor, MI: EmTech Research (a division of Small Times Media). Nanotechnology is a relatively new branch of science which involves manipulation of properties of matter at nanoscale. The premise of nanotechnology lies in the fact that the properties of an element or compound can be manipulated easily when it exists in its nanoform (diameter of nm).

Nanopollution is a growing issue - we are already releasing a large amount of nanomaterials into the environment, and we do not have a strong idea how many of them will impact human health. Research is progressing rapidly, and hopefully we will build a picture of which materials need particular care and attention, and develop methods of dealing with them, before too much damage is done.

This site gives concise explanations of current research along with links to original papers or other information to help you further your research ideas.

Pocket K No. 39: Nanotechnology in Agriculture

You can email or print the articles on this site and find out if they are from academic publications. EPA Nanotechnology White Paper iii Nanotechnology White Paper Workgroup Co-Chairs Jeff Morris Jim Willis Office of Research and Development Office.

Nanotechnology in Concrete Materials A Synopsis Prepared by Bjorn Birgisson Anal K. Mukhopadhyay Georgene Geary • A sheet of paper is about ,nm thick.

Nanotechnology-Based Research in Concrete to Date 2 O O. a.

Nanotechnology research paper
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