Jama call papers comparative effectiveness research

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2012 Theme issue on comparative effectiveness research - Call for papers

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2011 Theme Issue on Cardiovascular Disease—Call for Papers

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Trials is dedicated to improving the design, conduct and reporting of randomised controlled trials in health. Call for papers: Big data for randomized trials research interests include methodologies for randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews, network meta-analysis, comparative effectiveness research, and patient-centered.

Strategies to improve comparative effectiveness research methods and data infrastructure. In: Implementing Comparative Effectiveness Research: Priorities, Methods, and Impact, Washington DC ; Brookings Institution: Engleberg Center for Health Care Reform at Brookings Discussion Papers.

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Inwe are soliciting manuscripts on the topic Health Care Reform and Comparative Effectiveness: Implications for Surgeons. The editorial board has selected this topic as our year-long theme. We are interested in papers that compare different interventions and strategies to treat surgical conditions.

Golub, RM & Fontanarosa, PB' Theme issue on comparative effectiveness research - Call for papers ' JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association, vol.no. 7. DOI: /jama Matt has published over 40 manuscripts and bookchapters in the area of comparative effectiveness research, health services research, disease burden, and economics including papers in JAMA, Journal of American Geriatrics Society, Value in Health, and Academy of Management Executive.

He has served as an adjunct faculty member at The Indiana.

Jama call papers comparative effectiveness research
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