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Jack Welch Class Day Interview -Jack Welch to HBS Grads:

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6/11/ Jack Welch the much-admired, much-embattled chairman and CEO of General Electric had some sure advice for graduating MBA students at HBS. First on the list: business is not rocket science. by Martha Lagace, Staff Writer, HBS Working Knowledge.

GE's 'Work Out' and Jack Welch

Jack Welch was a chemical engineer turned CEO. His leadership style was largely infor med by his working class backg round, info rmality, and an insti nctive u nderstanding w ith people (Murray.

Jack Welch & Isadore Sharp. 1) What are the successful keys to Jack Welch’s leadership? (at least two things) 1. A successful leader sets an atmosphere that is not formal in the workplace and during meetings, which can be achieved by allowing the staff members to express themselves and to air their opinions when the need arises.

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The Jack Welch Era John Francis "Jack" Welch Jr. became CEO of General Electric in April He held this position for twenty years. Within those twenty years he accomplished things no other CEO had in GE's history; he fulfilled the company's primary economic responsibilities to society by turning it into an exceptionally profitable conglomerate.

Jack paper research welch
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